Friday, 11 January 2008

Cheesy, Creamy Mash

Serves - As many as you like!

This isn't a traditional recipe as there aren't any measurements, but here goes.

Potatoes - enough to serve the number of people you're feeding!
Sour Cream - approx 1 tbsp per person you're feeding!
Cheese, grated

Normally when making mash I leave the skins on my potatoes but in this instance, peel your potatoes, as it just works better with the rest of the ingredients.
So, peel and boil your potatoes until cooked through, once drained add some milk to mash with. Mash the potatoes to your preferred consistency, I like a few little lumps in mine.
Add sour cream, I used a couple of tablespoons and had potatoes enough for two.
Then add the grated cheese, I used Cheddar and had about a handful. Mix/mash all ingredients together and serve.

I happened to catch this recipe on a program whilst channel hopping one day and it's really very nice. No, make that very, very nice.

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