Friday, 30 January 2009

Halloumi, Mint, Coriander and Dill Pittas

Serves 6

250g halloumi cheese
6 pitta breads
good bunch of dill
good bunch of mint
good bunch of coriander
2 tbsp good fruity olive oil

Cut the halloumi into slices about 1cm thick and griddle or fry the slices until warm and beginning to melt.
At the same time, warm the pittas on the griddle or fire and then cut them open lengthways. Strip the herb leaves and chop finely.
Stuff each pitta with 3-4 slices of halloumi and a good fistful of the mixed herbs, then drizzle with a little olive oil.

This was a super lunch and really surprisingly filling. I can't believe that I only discovered halloumi relatively recently considering my love of cheese (at least the non-blue sort), it's got such a distinctive taste and combined with these herbs it was wonderful!

Taken from: Sarah Raven's Garden Cookbook

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