Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Store Cupboard Staples

I found it quite hard to remember all the recipes I'd read in my books and when I found myself looking at a bunch of beetroot in the fridge, on the verge of going to the other side, I decided I was going to make use of my love of making lists. So, call me a geek, go on, I like it, I sat with my cookery books and the laptop. I'd already kept a book which listed all the recipes I wanted to try in each book, so I went through both and made a list of ingredients - not unlike the one over there on the left - in doing so I found that some items really demanded a permanent place in the larder (and some that would last and last and last).

So here are my Store Cupboard Staples:

*Baking Powder
*Bicarbonate of Soda
*Butter - Salted; Unsalted
*Chocolate - Milk; Plain
*Cinnamon Sticks
*Cocoa Powder
*Cream of Tartar
*Flour - Bread; Plain; Self-Raising; Wholemeal
*Gelatine (veggie alternative for me!)
*Liquid Glucose
*Oil - Corn; Groundnut; Olive; Sunflower; Vegetable; Walnut
*Salt & Pepper
*Soy Sauce
*Sugar - Caster; Dark Brown; Demerara; Granulated; Icing; Light Brown; Muscovado
*Tinned Tomatoes
*Tomato Puree
*Vanilla Essence
*Vegetable Stock
*Vinegar - Balsamic; Red Wine; White Wine;

So here's a question, is there anything that isn't on the list that is an absolute staple in your cupboard?

I like to keep a really, really good butter in the fridge, for when you're serving freshly baked bread with a meal, somehow fresh bread just demands an excellent butter. I like the butters with salt crystals in. Mmmm!

I also found that a lot of recipes called for ingredients like Double Cream, Lemons, Parmesan, Single Cream and obviously Potatoes but I feel I prefer to buy those fresh for the recipe, or else you find they've gone off before you have a chance to use them.


Mark said...

I have a huge spice collection which I keep topped up by occasional visits to Asian shops in Coventry.
The most essential are cumin and coriander seeds. Freshly ground coriander has a lovely lemony smell, so different to the pre-ground variety.
And Hot Smoked Paprika from Spain and bag upon bag of various dried pulses.

Flibbertigibbet said...

I have a pretty good collection of herbs and spices too, I wonder if they warrant a list of their own?
Maybe I'll concoct one!

I also have loads of pulses and wondered whether they should make it to the list..