Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Tips & Hints

I love little tips & hints, I have books on just this thing on my shelves and so I had to have a place to remember my favourites. I can see it'll be a slow growing list.

Cooking tips:

  • If your recipe calls for only using some, not all, of the holes of your muffin pan, cover the bottom of the others with a layer of water to protect them.

Food tips:
  • If your recipe calls only for egg yolks, don't discard the whites, save and freeze them. Remember to note on your freezer bag, how many you've frozen, then simply defrost and use in your recipe.
  • Store your hard cheeses in the freezer. Something like parmesan will last much longer and doesn't grate any differently. As a single person I was finding that I wasn't using it often enough and it was going off before I could finish a pack.

Storage tips:

  • If you are saving jars for preserving, screw up a piece of newspaper and place inside the jar, this will absorb any moisture and help prevent any rust forming on the lid.

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